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Member access alert

The ocean side of Democrate point Robert Mosses state WILL NOT BE CLOSING. 


The area west of the jetty will remain closed till probably September. We are asking for the back entrance to the bay side from the back western rocks be opened as soon as possible. This will allow trucks to exit to the front by the western jetty road.

President Cooky


Suffolk update Smith point

 The last time Libba sat with suffolk park  commissioner and studied the bird maps, we saw the last bird date scheduled to leave was 8/5. If no more birds show up sometime that week we should start seeing openings. All this hinges on no more nests . The whole outer cape cod is closed due to  late nesting. 

This commissioner has worked with us to find solutions to access. Next year we should see more access afforded us

President  Libba



Member update
Speaking with the Robert Moses parks super last nite, he told us Democrat point should remain opened this weekend, barring any quick bird developments. He doesn't foresee a closing, as long as the birds dont move west. So far they are staying in their area. The back bay side should open in the next ten days. 
One thing that's very predictable is these birds are very unpredictable.

President Cooky


Montauk report
The point is fully opened
Napeague is closed left and right of the buggy cut. Only limited access in the center.
Hither hills is fully opened on the south side. Northside, Goff point is closed.
WarnIng the ticks are bad on the northside trails


Below is an important letter regarding Smith Point access.  There is room for improvement of the management plan but this is a start.  LIBBA will be a voice in future discussions.  If the new plans work that County Parks Commissioner Philip Berdolt has introduced, there's a possibility of future beach openings County wide.  This is not a fast process.  Each step must be implemented then examined to be sure it follows federal guidelines.  If the beach users behave and do not cause the feds to implement an emergency shutdown, we'll be good.  If you see someone doing the wrong thing report them to the authorities. The access you save will be your own.


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com   


Source: https://www.fws.gov/northeast/nyfo/AddressingFIMIMay2017.pdf  

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Questions and Answers Regarding Habitat and Beach Management at Smith Point County Park, Suffolk County, New York May 16, 2017:

Recently there have been several statements and inquiries made regarding our involvement in Smith Point County Park vegetation and off-road vehicle (ORV) management as outlined in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Fire Island Inlet to Moriches Inlet Stabilization Project (FIMI). As a result, we are providing clarity regarding our role.

Did the FIMI vegetation management plan involve lowering or removing vegetation from the Corps’ constructed dunes? No. The engineered dune heights, beach widths and dune vegetation were determined by the Corps’ coastal engineers and will not be modified as part of the vegetation management plan.

Were ORV and vegetation management (unrelated to the dunes) agreed to by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), State of New York, Suffolk County, and Corps as part of FIMI? Yes. Overall, several environmental conservation measures were included in the project and fully vetted with all the agencies over several months of close coordination, including face-to-face meetings with leadership from the Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation and Department of Public Works. Vegetation and ORV management were memorialized in the Corps’ FIMI Hurricane Sandy Limited Re-Evaluation Report dated June 2014, as well as in the Corps’ Environmental Assessment and Biological Assessment, and the Service’s Biological Opinion dated October 2014. In addition, the Suffolk County Legislature on June 17, 2014, authorized a local partnership agreement between the county and New York State to participate in the FIMI, including but not limited to, vegetation and ORV management.

What did FIMI include for vegetation management in Smith Point County Park, and has it occurred? As explained in the 2014 FIMI report, vegetation management at Smith Point County Park was limited to select areas north of Burma Road and at Great Gun Beach (at the far eastern end) and would not affect the FIMI dune. In 2015, vegetation was managed during initial project construction at Great Gun Beach and at the New Made Dredge Disposal Area. In 2016, the Corps again cleared vegetation at the New Made Dredge Disposal site and placed black plastic at Great Gun to control invasive phragmites. On June 1, 2016, the Corps sent a letter to the Parks Commissioner, initiating the permit application process for the use of herbicides to manage vegetation in conjunction with mechanical removal. In 2017, the Corps was to complete the vegetation management before April 1, the start of the piping plover breeding season. The Corps intended to move forward with mechanical removal, however, due to contracting constraints they were unable to proceed. In February 2017, the Service offered to assist the Corps by renting equipment and providing staff to perform the work.
Subsequently, the Corps, Service, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, and Suffolk County met and agreed to limited vegetation management in what are known as the Smith Point Breach Fill and Pattersquash Overwash Areas due to time constraints. A special permit would be needed from the Department of Public Works in order for equipment to be brought across the Smith Point Bridge. Ultimately, there was insufficient time to secure the needed permits and complete the work prior to the April 1 deadline, so vegetation management was not conducted in 2017.

Does the Service request to close Smith Point County Park to ORV use? No. All ORV management decisions at Smith Point County Park are made solely by the Parks Commissioner based on current local conditions in the park and are not coordinated with the Service. The Service’s role is to provide guidance to site managers on avoiding federal violations in the limited areas where federally protected species survive. The Guidelines for Managing Recreational Activities in Piping Plover Breeding Habitat, for example, provides guidance and each site manager determines how they can reasonably implement this guidance, incorporating tools such as signage and stake/twine symbolic fencing, stewards and volunteer monitors, law enforcement and rules/policy. We understand the challenge of managing ORV recreation and species recovery, and continue to offer our assistance with implementing these guidelines.
Are there options for Suffolk County to have more flexibility in managing for ORV recreation and still conserve habitat for the piping plover in the park? Yes, a primary option is a habitat conservation plan and permit application. These types of options were discussed most recently in a congressionally-hosted meeting between the county and Service in September 2016 (and captured in this October 2016 letter).
As an example, last year the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MADFW), in partnership with the Service, launched a habitat conservation program in Massachusetts that provided beach owners across the state more flexibility to manage their beaches that support piping plovers. MADFW had secured federal grant funding to assist with this planning effort. This type of flexibility is due, in part, on continued dedicated conservation efforts by many towns, counties, MADFW and the Service that have increased the piping plover population in Massachusetts from 140 pairs in 1986 to 649 last year.  


This is the official post from Suffolk County Parks:

The day trip area of the outer beach at Smith Point is open from Cut 1A East to the snow fence barricade from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm weekdays and from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm on weekends.  Burma Road is currently closed (no access to inlet) while the Park staff evaluates access.



Access to the inlet was impacted when Plover chicks were found to be wandering around the trail behind the dunes.  This trail as many of you know is called Burma Road .  Until the Plovers move off the trail the access to the inlet will not be available. 

Members and non-members need to know that the Plover falls under the ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT OF 1986.  The Plover became a protected species under this act.  This act allows the Federal Government (U.S. Fish & Wildlife) to take any and all actions to protect the bird and its habitat.  This means the County Parks has to make all efforts to be certain the bird, its chicks and nests are protected and not harmed in any way.  If Suffolk County Parks does not react to the threat then USF&WF has the power and authority to shut down all activity and heavy fines could be given. LIBBA is monitoring the closings to be sure that shutdowns are for protecting the Plover and not just for the purpose of cutting down on legitimate permit holders to lose access.  We will continuously monitor these areas that have been closed to be certain they open as soon as the Plover chicks have fledged or moved off our access trails.  If you have any questions please let us know.

LIBBA will continue to provide access updates on our Facebook Page and via these emails.  


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com   


LIBBA Members,

Courtesy patrol chairman Larry Pacifico and myself met with the Suffolk Parks Commissioner, Philip Berdolt yesterday to discuss access issues. He is working hard to keep Smith Point opened through the summer. LIBBA will be part of the solution.

From the Commissioner:
We have been working diligently with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and our Parks Environmental team to ensure that we continue to keep the beach open as long as possible this summer season.
As of June 7th the Smith Point Outer Beach will be open for Day Tripping from Cut 1A East to snow fence Barricade from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 7 am to 8 pm on the weekends. The inlet is open for Fisherman actively engaged in fishing only, and will remain open after 8 pm. Fishermen can access to the inlet via Cut 1A to Burma Road.
We will continue to advocate to keep the outer beach open but need your help to ensure we remain in compliance with all federal regulations.

You can help by following these simple rules:

- Please keep off the dunes.

- Please do not walk or drive in plover designated areas.

- Please keep all pets leashed and under your control at all times.

Talk to your friends and educate your fellow beach goers. If you see something or someone that may be violating any of the regulations please message us on Facebook or call 852-COPS. Together we can keep Smith Point Outer Beach open this season.


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com


SMITH POINT:  Due to a Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday, June 10th from 7:30am - 10:00am & 1:00pm - 3:00pm and again on Sunday, June 11th from 7:30am - 10:00am access to Smith Point County Park will not be available.  The Breast Cancer Walk will be along William Floyd Parkway crossing over the bridge leading to Smith Point.  This will prevent people from entering the park and also exiting the park during these times.  There is a posted sign on the parkway detailing the above.

DEMOCRAT POINT:  LIBBA was notified today that the Northside/Bayside of Democrat has been closed due to nesting birds.  The ocean side of Democrat remains open up to the Jetty. 

We will let you know of any changes that come to our attention. 


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com  


Night fishing access to the inlet has resumed.  It's suggested that you call ahead and check for closings because of high water conditions that may close the beach at times.  LIBBA worked hard at getting this re-opened. 

We are currently working on finding out why night fishing at Indian Island County Park is being denied.  We will update you on any changes as they become available.


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com


Smith Pt Update: Beach Fires & Night Fishing

Beach fires are not allowed in the day tripping areas.  They are only permitted at the outer beach camping area, however this area is not open as yet and traditionally does not open until after the bird nesting season ends.  Night fishing access to the inlet is not available at this time and should come on line as more Park Rangers are put on. I have no date at this time.  I let it be known this should have happened already. In my next sit down with the commissioner this will be my first topic.

We will update you on any changes as they become available.


Cooky Rondinella - LIBBA President - libbapresident@gmail.com

Member FYI beach access as of 5\23\2017
Shagwong opened
Montauk point state park opened
Hither Hills bay and ocean beach opened Napeague opened
Cedar beach partial beach closings
Shinnecock opened
Cupsogue access to inlet closed
Smith point is opened to just past cut 2, access to inlet is closed at this time.
Democrat point opened
Sore Thumb opened
Remember beach access can change over nite.
We will do our best to keep you updated

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